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September 5, 2018  

Episode 012 - Tax On Split Income (TOSI) - a Technical Explanation

In the last episode we had some fun with the Tax On Split Income (TOSI) rules, but it really is time to get serious about them. 

August 29, 2018  

Episode 011 - Tax On Split Income (TOSI) - The Small Business Escape Room Game

The Tax On Split Income (TOSI) rules are written like a bad “escape room” game. The way these rules are written, everyone is caught… unless you can escape… and the exits are not clearly marked.  In this episode, Cory G. Litzenberger tries to help you navigate these rules in a high-level tongue-in-cheek approach to them.

August 22, 2018  

Episode 010 - Even if You Follow the Law, Can You Pass the Smell Test?

Taxpayers that follow the letter of the law in the Income Tax Act might not realize that there is a "catch-all" provision that is what we call the "smell test." If it stinks like GAARbage, the CRA will reassess you.

August 15, 2018  

Episode 009 - The Management Fee GST Trap That You Didn’t Know Existed

You may have heard you don't need to register for GST until you have $30,000 in sales. However, this is not always the case, and in this episode, we target an outdated tool used by some practitioners - Management Fees.


Episode 008 - Protecting Yourself From CRA Scammers and What To Do If You Are a Victim

It seems like every day there is a new scam pretending to be the CRA.  In this episode, we tell you how to protect yourself, what to watch for, and what to do if you, or someone you know, is a victim of a scam.

August 1, 2018  

Episode 007 - Managing Debt in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

A common question is, who to pay first? or, what can I do to reduce my debt?  We look at what the Canadian debt statistics are telling us, what to expect with rising interest rates, and try to offer some ideas and solutions for those focused on getting rid of their debt.

June 27, 2018  

Episode 002 - The Myth of Casual Labour

In this episode we dive into the layman's term of "Casual Labour" to find out the actual tax issues affecting this misunderstood term.

June 20, 2018  

Episode 001 - Top 10 Things You Should Know About Building Your Own Business

In our first episode, we dive into the top ten things we think you should know about building your own business.