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April 3, 2019  

Episode 025 - Do Your Retired Loved Ones Know About Pension Income Splitting to Save Tax?

In addition to the Age Credit and Pension Income Credit, it is still troubling to find out that many seniors are still not aware of a tax saving strategy to help them save on their taxes. No, this is not one of those "too good to be true" issues. Listen to find out more. 

March 21, 2019  

2019 Budget - Episode 02 - Poor wording requires 2 ex-spouses within 5 years for Home Buyers Plan

You won't believe what CGL's Cory Litzenberger has found in the original wording of the proposed legislation in the 2019 Federal Budget. 

March 20, 2019  

2019 Budget - Episode 01 - Don’t spend your Canada Training Credit just yet

CGL's own Cory Litzenberger​, CPA, CMA, CFP, C.Mgr dives into the proposed new Section 122.91 of the Income Tax Act, dissects what the Canada Training Credit really means, and how few will actually qualify.

March 20, 2019  

Episode 024 - You Received an Instalment Notice From the CRA - Now What?

While many Canadians in spring are only worried about filing their taxes for last year, there is another group of Canadians being told to start prepaying this year's taxes before they have even filed last year's. So what are the options for those Canadians being told to pay?

January 16, 2019  

Episode 022 - How 4 Years of Tax Changes Hurt Small Business

In this episode we do a recap of the 2016-18 tax changes, and what bigger compliance issues are having a major impact to small business in 2019. 

December 12, 2018  

Episode 021 - Foreign Currency Transactions: the real devil in the details

Think you understand foreign currency transactions, think again.  In this episode we go through what seems at first to be a very basic transaction, only to discover there is more than meets the eye when it comes to foreign exchange transactions and foreign currency bank accounts.

November 28, 2018  

Episode 020 - Upcoming Changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

In this episode we talk about the changes coming to the CPP in 2019, and what to expect going forward as the contribution rate climbs from 4.95% to 5.95% over the next 6 years in addition to the increase in the Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) amount.

November 14, 2018  

Episode 019 - What Fiscal Year End Should I Pick?

We commonly are asked, what difference does a fiscal year end make in a corporation?  In this episode we discuss some of the more common tax reasons and non-tax reasons for fiscal year end choices.

October 31, 2018  

Episode 018 - Finally it Pays to be Unreasonable to your Spouse

Are you concerned about the Tax On Split Income affecting your family's taxes? Then you are going to want to listen to this brainstorming episode on being unreasonable on purpose!

October 3, 2018  

Episode 016 - Whether (and when) to stop contributing to the CPP

Prior to 2012 Canadians did not have a choice to when they stopped contributing to the CPP. Now that there is a choice, we get into what your options currently are.