Brainstorming (+ tax)

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July 11, 2018  

Episode 004 - Employee Vehicle Expenses and Public Transit

For many people, the cost of getting to and from work is getting expensive. What about those that have to use their own vehicle while they are at work? Are there any tax savings opportunities available?

July 4, 2018  

Episode 003 - Are You Considered Common-Law for Canadian Tax Purposes?

Ever hear of the term "conjugal relationship" and wonder if it means what you think it means. For tax purposes there is more to the term "conjugal relationship" than "conjugal visits" 

June 27, 2018  

Episode 002 - The Myth of Casual Labour

In this episode we dive into the layman's term of "Casual Labour" to find out the actual tax issues affecting this misunderstood term.

June 20, 2018  

Episode 001 - Top 10 Things You Should Know About Building Your Own Business

In our first episode, we dive into the top ten things we think you should know about building your own business.